10 EThOS Agenda 

Monday 12/9: Review Act III:I speech interpretation. Read Macbeth ACT III:ii - HW: Macbeth Act II and III Quiz Thursday



Monday 12/2: Review Macbeth Act I. Read Macbeth Act II:i-ii - Watch Dagger scene. NO HW

Tuesday 12/3 Warm Up: Macbeth Review Questions. Read Act II:III-IV Review Internal Conflicts. Directions for "The Open Mind" Assignment. HW: The Open Mind Assignment is due Friday at the beginning of the period. 

Wednesday 12/4-Thursday 12/5: 

“The Open Mind” Assignment

Choose a character we have read about so far in Macbeth that you believe demonstrates having an internal conflict (Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo)

  1. Write the name of the character at the bottom of the paper

  2. Inside the character’s head, draw picture, symbols, and words that illustrate what the character is thinking/conflicted about. 

  3. You need to include two quotes that CLEARLY demonstrate the character’s internal conflict with correct citations

  4. You need to include two questions you would ask the character

  5. Explanation: In 5-7 sentences, explain how the character you chose demonstrates an internal conflict. Use evidence from the play to support your explanation.

HW: The open Mind due Friday at the beginning of the period

Friday 12/6: Macbeth Act III:i Speech Interpretation - due at the end of the period 


Monday 11/18: Complete Macbeth Pre-Assessment 

-Must be completed on a separate sheet of paper and in complete sentences - due at the end of the period. HW: Need to have play in class tomorrow!

Tuesday 11/19: Review Macbeth Pre-assessment. Read Macbeth Act I: i-ii. Watch Act I:i-ii HW: Macbeth Act I Quiz Friday

Wednesday 11/20: Read Macbeth Act I: iii -iv and watch scene. HW: Macbeth Act I Quiz Friday

Thursday 11/21: Read Macbeth Act I:v-vii. Quote Identification row competition. Watch Lady Macbeth introduction scene. HW: Macbeth Act I Quiz tomorrow

Friday 11/22: Macbeth Act I Quiz. Begin reading Macbeth act II:i-ii. No Homework. Have a great break!!



Thursday 11/14:  Review Macbeth Themes/Motifs ​. Watch: Shakespeare Uncovered: Macbeth and complete video notes handout Homework: Twelve Angry Men Essay Due TOMORROW!! - this is homework. Bring ID to school tomorrow to check out Macbeth

Friday 11/15: Return TAM to Library and check out Macbeth. Finish watching Shakespeare Uncovered. Edit Essay and submit to turnitin.com NO HW

Period 1

CLASS ID: 22149128

Key:  ehret

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Memoir Project Guidelines

Paper Requirements:

  • The paper must be at least two pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins, with the use of multiple paragraphs. (No more than three pages)

  • You need to include a title for your paper, so please be creative.

  • Remember to include the required MLA heading in the upper left-hand corner.

  • You must include all the process, including the Creative Non-Fiction Analysis worksheet and your final copy. This needs to be printed and brought to class on Wednesday, May 22nd  

  • Your Final Draft must include: dialogue, an engaging opening, and use of vivid verbs, sensory details/imagery, and a break in your writing (a time lapse, a flashback, or a reflection).