Period 2 

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Period 3

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Monday 12/09: Business Plan Presentations - TOMORROW is your first COMPETITION!!  HW: Hamlet ACT II Questions and Note cards are due Wednesday. 


Monday 12/02:  Warm up video: Ghost’s Message. Read Hamlet Act II:i-ii

Tuesday 12/03: Review Act II:II - Read Hamlet's To Be or Not To Be Speech and discuss. Watch 4 productions of the speech and work on analysis of the directorial implications of each. HW: Production Analysis due tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12/04: Hamlet Act II Questions - HW: ACT II Questions due Wednesday

Thursday 12/05 - Friday 12/06: Hold business meetings to determine when the live presentations will be held and look at the rubric requirements. 


  2. The note cards will be collected on Wednesday as an assignment. If a student does not have a live competition, then they must help with the note cards or continue to work on Hamlet Act II questions that are due on Wednesday. 


Monday 11/18: Review Pre-Assessment. Watch Act I:i - Read Hamlet Act I:ii

Tuesday 11/19: Hamlet Family Tree. Begin reading Hamlet Act I:iii-iv. Watch I:V  HW:  Act I Quiz Friday

Wednesday 11/20: Assembly for seniors during period 2. HW:  Act I Quiz Friday

Thursday 11/21: Finish reading Hamlet Act I - Review themes: Revenge, Decay and Corruption, and Insanity vs. Sanity. Review for the Quiz. HW:  Act I Quiz tomorrow. 

Friday 11/22: Hamlet Act I Quiz . Begin reading Act II. - Have a great break!


Thursday 11/14: Work on Business Plan presentations and written submissions. NO HW

Friday 11/15: Go to library and check out Hamlet. Complete Hamlet Pre-Assessment. NO HW