Period 2 

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Period 3

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Tuesday 02/18: Continue reading Frankenstein Chapter 11. Literary Lens Assignment Chapters 10-11. Homework: Read  and annotate Frankenstein Chapter 12 by tomorrow


Step 1: After reviewing the list of five different lenses in which you can read literature, you are going to locate one piece of evidence for each of the following questions (or lenses) from the novel.  ONLY CHOOSE TWO!

Step 2: Use the handouts descriptions to aid in your search for evidence and make sure you choose quotes that exemplify the lens. 

Step 3: After you identify a quote for two questions, provide an explanation that analyzes how the quote represents the literary theory. 

    1. What does it mean to be human? (Romanticism)

    2. What is the nature of friendship?(Psychological/Sociological)

    3. What does it mean to be part of a family, a group, and/or society? (Psychological/Sociological)

    4. What does it mean to be female/male? (Gender)

    5. What role should technology play in our lives? (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

    6. What idea about life or human nature does the gothic genre suggest? (Gothic)

Wednesday 02/19: Review Frankenstein Chapter 12. Read Chapter 13 

Homework: Chapter 11-14 Quiz Tuesday. Power Paragraph due Tuesday

Thursday 02/20: Read Chapter 14. Power Paragraph Prompt and 

passage Homework: Chapter 11-14 Quiz Tuesday. Power Paragraph due Tuesday



Monday 02/10: Review Frankenstein Chapter 6. Read and annotate Chapter 7. Work on Ch.6-10 SG Qs#1-6.Homework: Read and Annotate Frankenstein Chapter 8 by tomorrow 

Tuesday 02/11: Groups - Chapter 8 Annotations. Begin reading Chapter 9 

Round Table Quote Analysis. Homework: Chapter 6-10 Quiz Thursday and Chapter 6-10 Questions due Thursday

Wednesday 02/12: Review Quote Round Table Responses. Read Chapter 10 - Complete Study Guide. Homework: Chapter 6-1 Quiz tomorrow.

Thursday 02/13: Take Frankenstein Chapter 6-10  Quiz. Read Chapter 11 and Annotate. No HW


Monday 02/03: Finish reading Frankenstein Chapter 2 and 3 and annotate. Begin Blackout Poetry assignment using handout. Homework: Read Frankenstein Chapter 4 by tomorrow. Blackout Poetry due Thursday. 

Tuesday 02/04: Review Frankenstein Chapter 4 Annotations with groups. Read Frankenstein Chapter 5 and Annotate.Discuss “The Marvelous” and work on blackout poetry assignment. Homework: Blackout Poetry Assignment due Thursday. Frankenstein Chapter 1-5 Quiz Friday !

Wednesday 02/05: Assembly during period 2- seniors report directly to the TOHS Gym. Period 3 - work on blackout poetry assignment. Homework: 

Homework: Blackout Poetry Assignment due tomorrow. Frankenstein Chapter 1-5 Quiz Friday !

Thursday 02/06: Turn in blackout poetry assignment. Review Archetypes and possible modern adaptions. Assignment - Archetypes and The Office due at the end of the period. Homework: Frankenstein Chapter 1-5 Quiz Friday !

Friday 02/07: Frankenstein Chapter 1-5 Quiz. Begin reading Frankenstein Chapter 6. 


Monday 01/27: Watch: Why are we morbidly curious? -VSauce. Literary Lens Handout. Begin reading Frankenstein Letters #1 and 2.

Homework: Read Frankenstein Letter #3

Tuesday 01/28: Review Literary Lenses - Hand out bookmark 

Review Robert Walton’s letters #1-3. Read Letter #4 ​HW: Need to have Frankenstein novel in class EVERY day  ...

Wednesday 01/29: 

  • Review Frankenstein Letters 

  • Lens Practice

Title: Lens Practice: Letters

  • Lens:               Romanticism 

  • Quote:            “Quote from novel” (Shelley 3). 

  • Explantation:  This demonstrates romanticism though

Homework: Need to have Frankenstein novel in class EVERY day  ...

Thursday 01/30: Read Frankenstein Chapter 1. Modern Science→ Face Transplant, Homework: Need to have Frankenstein novel in class EVERY day  ...

Friday 01/31: Finish Modern Science - Face Transplant. Begin reading Frankenstein Chapter 2. Homework: Need to have Frankenstein novel in class EVERY day  ...


Tuesday 01/21: bit.ly/CVmyPerspectives - complete or complete test corrections. Find completed assessment % for MID YEAR. Test Corrections 

Homework:Test Corrections due tomorrow!

Frankenstein novel needed in class on Monday !

Wednesday 01/22: Complete Mid-Year Test Corrections. Read “Frankenstein, Meet Your Forefathers”

Answer response questions + Complete by tomorrow 

  1. Under what circumstances was the story “Frankenstein” written? 

  2. Where did the Frankenstein myth originate? 

  3. What happens when electricity is pumped into the human body? 

  4. How did the work of the scientists mentioned in the article affect modern medicine?

  5. What proof does the author of the article offer for Frankenstein’s popularity today?

Thursday 01/23: Watch Mary Shelley’s Quick Bio. Complete Frankenstein Anticipation Inventory HW: Anticipation Inventory due tomorrow

Friday 01/24: Frankenstein Socratic Seminar - No HW