You've just entered the real world of sports and entertainment marketing.  Dream Machine, Inc., is a sports and entertainment marketing company that serves college and professional sports teams, professional athletes, sporting events, sports arenas, and major sports product corporations, as well as performing arts companies, television networks, and movie studios.  As an entry-level employee, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of client's projects.

Get Creative - Design A New Product

Situation - You are employed by a clothing manufacturer that wants to enter the sports-apparel market.  Your company's sales have been flat in the last few years.  Management wants to invest in new ideas to boost sales.  As product manager, you will have the opportunity to design and market a new sports-apparel line for your company.  You believe that product innovation and aggressive marketing are needed to increase sales.  The vice president of marketing wants to hear your ideas, based on research you conduct.

Assignment - Complete these tasks:
1) Research sports-apparel manufacturers to determine the market share
2) Research various sports to find out what new apparel line might be profitable.
3) Research trends and opportunities
4) Based on your research, make recommendations for a new sports-apparel line.
5) Make a report to your vice president of marketing

Research - Do your research:
- Research target markets for sports apparel
- Research total sales for the sports apparel industry in the past three to five years
- Research new product innovation
- Determine trends and opportunities

Report - Prepare a written report using the following tools
Pages or Word: prepare a report of trends and opportunities in the sports-apparel industry, your product design, and characteristics of the target market. (20 points)
- Spreadsheet program: Prepare a chart comparing competitors of your product.  Prepare a chart to list sports -apparel industry sales for the past three plus years. (20 points)
- Presentation program: Prepare a visual presentation with key points, sketch of your product, market-share chart, and illustration of target market. (points broken down below)

Presentation and Evaluation
You will present your report to the V.P. of Marketing (class). You will be evaluated on the basis of:
1) Your knowledge of the sports-apparel industry and competitors. (15 points)
2) Rationale for your new product idea (15 points)
3) Quality of presentation (10 points)
4) Voice Quality (5 points)
5) Eye contact (5 points)
6) Visuals (10 points)

TOTAL PROJECT worth 100 points