The goal of this project is to teach students a hands-on learning approach to basic marketing.Throughout the unit the students will learn about advertising, market research, surveys, target markets, and how to make a commercial.The final project, called the “Corner Market,” will incorporate all that they have learned so far in the unit.The students will make a product, advertise it, and sell it on a specific day.Students will be competing against each other so competition will be fierce!

At the end of the unit the students will be doing one big project.Leading up to that, they will be doing a bunch of little projects.Here are examples of what products the students will be producing:


  • Company Web Site

  • Company Logo

  • Company Slogan

  • Company Advertising Signs

  • Market Research Surveys

  • 30-60 second Commercial

  • Homework from Textbook

  • Final Project “Corner Market”

  • Reflective Essay

  • Self Evaluation

  • Group Evaluation