Teams of 2 will Create a marketing brochure AND a flyer for the CTE classes on campus. The goal is to create something where an interested student/parent can grab one and get information on our CTE programs on campus.  You will be trying to make this look as professional as you can.  Meaning you should print it out to see how it will look before you turn it in.  Print in color!!!!!.  Make sure it folds correctly (brochure). Include class descriptions and pictures.  Use templates on MAC computers in class.  You may also use google templates if they have any.  Make sure there is a title cover for the brochure. Get information from teacher websites or talk directly to them if needed. Any questions ask Thompson for help.

Teacher                               Pathway                                                                   Industry Sector

Daniel Bell (CTE)          Cabinetry, Millwork & Woodworking               Building & Construction Trades

Mari Hand                     Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition           Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation)

Abel Magana (CTE)      Machining & Forming Technologies                Manufacturing & Product Development

Scott Matalon (CTE)     Design, Visual & Media Arts                              Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Patti McNamara           (Software & Systems Development                   Information & Communication Technologies)

Lisa Ravitch (CTE)        Design, Visual, & Media Arts (photo)                    Arts, Media & Entertainment

Anna Sobrino               (College & Career Seminar – grade 9; AVID)

Ryan Thompson (CTE) Entrepreneurship / Self-Employment                   Marketing, Sales, & Services

Scott Veres (CTE)         Patient Care                                                               Health Sciences & Medical Technology

No late work will be accepted