Situation:  You are to assume the role of assistant marketing director for a beverage company.  Your company created a new beverage called EAGLE POWER targeted to young athletes in high school.  It is a non-carbonated fruit sports drink that is vitamin and calcium fortified.  The company has used sporting events for promoting its other products and is seeking similar opportunities for the new product.  

Activity:  Present to your boss, the marketing director, a rollout plan for marketing the new beverage:  Your presentation will require the following elements: 

1)   A package design and color scheme for the sports drink.

2)   A marketing slogan for the sports drink. 

3)   An athlete(s) to use as a corporate sponsor.  You must choose one male and one female athlete at TOHS to use as a representative.  Give reasons for using this athlete.   

4)   Explain the nature of the promotional plan. (Write Up)

5)   Determine sponsorship opportunities:  Provide a list of events and venues that you will use to promote your new sports drink.   Provide some ideas for promotional opportunities at these events:  Free Giveaways, contests, etc.  (Write Up) 

6)   Create a Marketing Brochure for your new product using Microsoft Publisher or one on the Mac.

7)   Create a Flyer Promoting your product using Microsoft Publisher. 

8)   Create a 30-60 second commercial promoting your product and athlete(s).   

You may work with a partner for this project. 

Package Design and Color Scheme
Marketing Slogan
Athletes:  Male and Female
Promotional Plan
Sponsorship Opportunities: Events and Venues
Marketing Brochure
Promotional Flyer