Entrepreneurship Research Project

Overview: In this assignment you will research the life and accomplishments of a successful entrepreneur.  You will then write an essay and give a presentation to the class.

Time to complete: 1 week

Getting Started
Choose an entrepreneur from the list or from approval from the teacher.
Once approved you will need to use at least 3 sources for research...wikipedia isn't the only answer.  

Part I  "Research"

Once you have selected an entrepreneur you are ready to conduct your research. You will need at least three sources.These will need to be cited at the end of your project. In conducting your research you will need to find at least the following items:

  • - Entrepreneur’s name

  • - Date of birth and death (if applicable)

  • - Where did they grow up?

  • - Current residence

  • - Education/business experience

  • - At least 3 interesting facts about their background

  • - A timeline of 5 important events in the entrepreneurs career

  • - A description of the product(s)/service(s) that the entrepreneur created.

Writing your Report:
Your report should be typed in MS Word or "Pages" (Mac version) using double line spacing, size 12 Times New Roman Font, and one inch margins. It should be written in paragraph form and should contain all of the content listed in the research section of this instruction packet. In addition, you should list your three resources at the end of your report. Finally, you should create a cover page with the name of the entrepreneur you selected, the name of our class, the date, and your name.





Presentations can be done using a poster board, powerpoint, Prezi, etc...  Presentations should be roughly around the 2 minute mark.  Use pictures, videos, or anything else to make your presentation stand out.  You are allowed to use a note card for this presentation, but try to avoid reading it....listening to someone read something typically comes across as being Boring :)



This assignment is worth 100 Points. The point breakdown is as follows.

Content: (40) Your report must contain at least all 8 items listed in the research section of this instruction packet. In addition, you must use three references. The more content you can come up with the better...maybe look to see what other jobs they had before their main one that made them famous.

Formatting: (10 Points) Your report must be typed in MS Word and meet all document formatting instructions described in the “Writing your Report” section of this instruction packet.

Presenting: (50 Points) Presentations should be at least 5 minutes long...don't worry this will be easy. You may present using any of the following ways (remember the more creative you are the better your audience will listen to you)

  • Powerpoint / Keynote (Mac version)

  • Video (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, anything else you may use at home)

  • Poster Board (must look good...not a last minute thing)

  • Anything else get it approved by me please

Possible Entrepreneurs

- Alex Aguila – Alienware Computers
- Mary Kay Ash – Mary Kay Cosmetics
- Jennifer Barclay – Blue Fish Clothing
- Ben & Jerry – Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
- Andreas von Bechtolsheim – Sun Microsystems
- Jeff Bezos – Amazon.com
- Richard Branson – Virgin Industries
- Sergey Brin – Google.com
- Nolan Bushnell – Chuck E. Cheese
- Coco Chanel – Chanel Inc.
- Steve Case – America Online (AOL)
- Andrew Cherng – Panda Express
- Sean Combs – Sean John Clothing/Bad Boy Entertainment
- Simon Cowell – Music & Media Mogul
- Michael Dell – Dell Computers
- Walt Disney – Disney Corp.
- Tomima Edmark – Topsy Tail
- Debbi Fields – Mrs. Fields Cookies
- Donald Fisher – Gap Stores
- Henry Ford – Ford Motor Co.
- Alvaro Z. Gallegos – Z. Coil Footwear
- Bill Gates – Microsoft
- Lisa Hammond – Femail Creations
- Reed Hastings – Netflix.com
- Trip Hawkins – Electronic Arts (EA)
- Kermit Heartsong – Word Origin Inc.
- Bill Hewlett – Hewlett Packard
- Conrad Hilton – Hilton Hotels
- Michele Hoskins – Michele Foods
- Wayne Huizenga – Blockbuster, Republic Industries, AutoNation
- Mike Ilitch – Little Caesar’s Pizza
- Kathy Ireland – Kathy Ireland Co.
- Steve Jobs – Apple Computer, and Pixar Animation Studios
- Robert Johnson – Black Entertainment Television (BET)
- Ray Kroc – McDonalds
- Estee’ Lauder – Estee’ Lauder Cosmetics
- Jasmine Lawrence – Eden Body Works
- George Lucas – Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic
- Bernard Marcus – Home Depot
- Dineh Mohajer – Hard Candy Inc.
- Gordon Moore - Intel
- Bill Mow – Bugle Boy Industries
- Jean Nidetch – Weight Watchers
- Pierre Omidyar – eBay
- Paul Orfaleo – Kinko’s
- David Overton – The Cheesecake Factory
- Kirk Perron – Jamba Juice
- John & Kim Puckett – Caribou Coffee
- Anita Roddick – The Body Shop
- Howard Schultz – Starbucks
- Fred Smith – Federal Express
- Russell Simmons – Def Jam Music
- Martha Stewart – Lifestyle Inc.
- Nick Swinmurn – Zappos.com
- Donald Trump – Real Estate Tychoon
- Sam Walton – Walmart
- Jan Wenner – Rolling Stone Magazine
- Oprah Winfrey – Harpo Productions
- Andy Wolf – Premier Snowskates
- Steve Wynn – Las Vegas casino & resort developer
- Other ... ??

Part 2  "Report"


Part 2  "Presentation"