Impact Marketing

Is the ability to "SPARK" a potential customer's interest or curiosity quickly in your product or service.  Some of the marketing devices used are mailings, doorknob hangers, refrigerator magnets or give-away items with a company's logo and information imprinted on the item.  One of the most effective types of impact advertising is the use of outdoor displays.  These include billboards, sides of buses, and bus stop and bench signage.  The difficulty (and marketing challenge!) is to design an outdoor advertisement that creates interest or curiosity in a product or service WITHIN SECONDS!! Most customers see this type of marketing for only a few seconds as they drive or pass by the billboard or bus stop.

Your Challenge: create a billboard the "SPARKS" interest for your company.  Billboards have changed dramatically in the last few years.  They are very creative and well designed.  Many have moving parts (using small engines), digital display, or are 3-dimensional.  And others are extremely simple but effective ("Got Milk").  It is time to utilize the creative, hands on employees with in your company.

Purpose: Create interest or curiosity within 5 seconds... without explanation!

1) Your company's billboard must be on a foam board that is roughly 20" x 30". These boards are available at most office supply stores.
2) Billboard cannot be plugged into the must be self contained (meaning use a battery)
3) The display must be appropriate for a school function

Judging: The judges will be instructed to have their backs to your display.  They will turn around and look at it for only 5 seconds and then look away.  They will judge it based on reasoning below:

Unacceptable 1-4
Requires Improvement 5-8
Acceptable 9-12
Very Good 13-16
Superior 17-20

Appealing & Creative Use of Space
*  Appealing and Creative (Creativity attracts rather than detracts)
*  Use of Space (Creative use of space reflects original thought and planning)
Innovative and Original Marketing
*  Original Thought and Planning (Reflects original thought and planning. Evidence of innovative marketing strategies. Creates interest or curiosity)
Effort Shown in Impact Marketing
*  Original Effort and Energy (Evidence of planning and effort in project)
SCORE _____________ 
Overall Impact to Viewer (Creates interest and/or curiosity. Encourages further investigation by viewer)
*  Miscellaneous Penalties 
(Out of 100)