Role Play : Marketing Director

SITUATION: You are to assume the role of marketing director for a semi-pro wrestling tournament (NACHO LIBRE). Community groups select the wrestlers they wish to see compete in a match and use the event as a fundraiser. The director (judge) wants to increase the number of events on the schedule, but he or she is unsure about how to identify the event - as a sporting event or an entertainment event.

ACTIVITY: Present a product/service management plan for this event to the director (judge).

EVALUATION: You will be evaluated on how well meet the following performance indicators:


  • Develop strategies to position product/business (is it a sport or entertainment event?).

  • Describe factors used by marketers to position product/business (Who is the target market? How will you market it to them?).

  • Describe the role of customer expectations in services marketing (Based on sport or entertainment, what will the customer experience?).

  • Explain the Marketing Concept

  • Explain the role of customer service in positioning/image of your event.

You will present using any of the following to the class : Powerpoint slides, Prezi, Video, Handout with Posterboard, other.