Objective: To get the most views on youtube!

Project Rules: 
-You must use/create a new youtube video account (to keep competition fair).  

-You will film an original youtube video and post it to your account on the given date (will be assigned by me). Keep the account private.  When I say it is ok, everyone will make their account public.  From this point everyone will have 3 weeks to try to market their video using social media tools (youtube, facebook, flicker, email, text, myspace??? j/k, blogs, tumbler, instagram, pinterest?, vimeo, etc...

Video Rules:
- Video can be any length, but remember that no one will want to watch a long boring video.
- All videos must be School Appropriate.  Any videos that contain any inappropriate material will receive a zero. 
- The topic this year will be "anything"... but it must be school appropriate.  This means no bad language, no inappropriate music, no inappropriate clothing, etc...

Grading - I will grade on a few thing:
- Strategies to market your video
- Effort in marketing your video
- How many people viewed your video